The Project for the Rural Electrification on Micro-Hydropower in Remote Province of Mondul Kiri

B/D: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) D/D, C/S: Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy

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The objective of this project is to supply a stable electric energy to Sen Monorom City mainly by hydropower, and renewable energy.

The project site, Sen Monorom City, has 1,400 households and a population of about 8,000. It is also the capital of Mondul Kiri province situated in the mountains near the border of Viet Nam.

No public power service is available in the city except for small-scale independent power producers. Chronic power shortage is a steady scene in this area and the electric tariff rate is about four times of that in Phnom Penh, which is far beyond the low income group. Under the current national transmission system expansion plan, this part is excluded from the nationwide power transmission system. In order to cope with this problem, micro-hydropower plants have been selected as a most suitable power supply system in the area.

The overall objective is to improve the living conditions of people in Sen Monorom City and its surrounding area by supplying stable electric energy to the city.

Three runoff river type small hydropower plants, each on O’Moleng, O’Romis, and Prek Dakdeur, (total output 370 kW) 
diesel power generation, (250 kW), as an auxiliary power source for the dry season
22 kV medium voltage transmission line 
400/230 V low-voltage distribution lines

- Administration office building

- Basic Design
- Detailed Design
- Construction Supervision