Urgent Rehabilitation Project of Restoration of Navigation Aids and Fender System at the Port of Dili

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

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November 2000 - December 2002

During the recent period of conflict and civil strife in East Timor, the physical infrastructure of the East Timor region had suffered massive damage.  Towns and villages in many areas were almost totally destroyed.  In reconstructing the infrastructure, priority was given to such areas as electricity, water, roads and transport, telecommunications, and ports and airports.  Humanitarian agencies, including NGOs, have conducted emergency repairs in some cases, notably water and sanitation, however, much more effort still remains to be completed.

Given the assessment of required cost of rehabilitation and economic development by the World Bank and United Nations Joint Assessment Mission, the Government of Japan (the donor) decided to extend approximately USD 100 million over the next three years to East Timor. Subsequently, the donor dispatched a series of survey missions to explore what specific assistance could be extended to East Timor. The missions consulted with UNTAET priority areas for the rehabilitation and development of the region, and UNTAET requested the Donor that assistance be extended for such areas as roads, power, ports, irrigation, and water supply.

In responding to these UNTAET requests, the donor decided to support such requests through its emergency grant aid scheme, with an understanding that the grant will be channeled through UNDP and executed by UNOPS under a Management Services Agreement (MSA) modality.

This project aims at restoring the port facilities of Dili to facilitate the efficient operation in ship maneuvering and cargo handling, and thus offer a safe navigable port for a 24 hour operation.

The design of the project is classified into two completely separate items, which are: (1) the foundation pile for the stage, and the stage itself to the navigation aids and (2) fender system of the wharf of the port of Dili.


Navigation aids

- Foundation pile: 8 pieces of 350 mm steel pipe pile
- Stage: steel structure 
- Power source: 2 set of batteries and solar energy battery chargers

Fender system

- Restoration 
  Rubber fender: 30 numbers of V-2000 x 500 type


Major items of the consultant services designated with the work phase are as follows:

Phase I: Detailed design, preparation of tender documents

Phase II-1: Tendering assistance

Phase II-1: Project supervision, and transfer of technology