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SECTOR: Hydropower

We have worked on 100 hydropower dams in 25 countries and have designed hydropower stations with a total 30,000 MW of installed capacity. We have supervised construction of at least 50 of them with total 12,000 MW installed capacity.

Our strong experience in all the project stages allows us to evaluate alternative types of dams for actual site conditions and propose the most optimum one, and then efficiently revise the design, if necessary. Our experience also allows us to adjust the powerhouse requirements for civil, hydro-mechanical, and electro-mechanical technologies from design stage to construction stage. Among the Japanese engineering companies in hydropower development, we have by far the largest global track record.

Our design knowledge and construction experience covers all kinds of hydropower stations and multi-purpose dams. Nippon Koei has in-house specialists available to all project stages. We also have the sophisticated tools and technologies at the Nippon Koei Reasearch and Development Center to execute design works. These include facilities for hydraulic model testing which is required for dam design, seismic performance evaluation using smeared crack model, crack evaluation using extended fictitious crack model, and 3-D analysis of underground structures such as pressure tunnel, underground cavern of powerhouse, etc.