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SECTOR: Urban & Regional Planning

We have a long history of assisting governments all over the world and in Japan to resolve their urban and regional issues, such as urban sprawl, environment deterioration, insufficiency of urban facilities, and urban infrastructure. We have engaged over 600 urban development projects and offered services for comprehensive urban development, urban redevelopment, regional development, etc.

Through the method of land readjustment involving re-plotting of land parcels with a new layout plan together with the development of new infrastructures, 30% of the urban area in Japan was developed. For many years we have been No.1 in this field. We have experts in all the disciplines required for urban/regional development such as urban/regional/rural planners, architects, engineers in a variety of fields (road, water supply, electricity, sewerage, drainage), urban design specialists, public consultation specialists, social and natural environmentalists. We also provide management capacity training as a critical component for realizing the master plan, covering the development permit mechanism, detailed plan formulation, urban design formulation, and urban development project implementation.