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SECTOR: Environment & Agriculture

In the environment sector, we are well-known worldwide for the quality of our consulting services in environmental management, water, air, land/soil, and addressing global environmental issues such as afforestation, climate change, as well as in disaster management. In the agriculture sector, we have managed more than 300 agriculture and rural development projects in 50 countries over the last 50 years.

For the environment sector, we can prepare an environmental management plan to minimize degradation by introducing sound policies that balance environmental protection with economic development, including capacity development for relevant administrators and stakeholders concerned with environmental management. We have in-house specialists in various environmental fields required for all types of environmental management projects to reverse environmental degradation. We also cover all aspects of disaster management from preparedness to emergency response and recovery.

For the agriculture sector, we have a full range of in-house expertise from the fields of agronomy, land use, agro-economy, marketing, agro-processing, irrigation and drainage, other rural infrastructure, agricultural research and extension, credit and other supporting systems, etc.

In all Nippon Koei-led development projects, we ensure that environments are well-preserved.