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SECTOR: Seaports & Airports

We are a leading port consultant. We have completed over 50 major seaport expansion projects. We are particularly experienced in the field of airport engineering having planned and engineered over 70 airport projects in 30 countries.

Our engineering approach in seaport/airport development projects is a comprehensive and one based on dependable project formulation, interdisciplinary expertise, and advanced technology since seaport/airport development projects are highly complex and has an impact to economic sectors such as urban and regional development, industry, tourism, and the environment.

The projects studied and engineered by Nippon Koei include national port planning, container terminals, general/bulk/industrial cargo ports for oil & gas, coal, LNG, etc., and fishery harbors, and new construction, expansion, and modernization of airports of various categories and capacities, from domestic and regional to international airports handling various types and sizes of aircraft.